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Stainless steel is carbon steel in general, adding a chromium content in the smelting steel. The reason why a stainless steel stainless steel, the key is due to the steel contains chromium this element. The role of chromium in corrosive media, the steel surface of a dense layer of solid oxide film, called "passive film." This film makes metal dielectric isolation with the outside world to prevent further corrosion of the metal being. And there is the ability to repair itself, if once destroyed, chromium steels with medium to regenerate oxygen passivation film, continue to play a protective role. Stainless steel resistance, but also with the use of environment-related, different environments, to use different amounts of chromium stainless steel. Chromium stainless steel is to determine the level of performance of the underlying factors. It is reported that Europe and other countries standards require a minimum chromium content of not less than 10.5%, Japan 11% requirement is that China is 12%.
Experts point out that the real is divided into austenitic stainless steel, ferritic, martensitic, austenitic - ferritic duplex and precipitation hardening five products. Which part of austenitic and precipitation hardening stainless steels are non-magnetic, so when struck with a magnet, there is the ability to resist magnet. Remaining type is magnetic, so the magnet can suck a.

   Experts with a special simple language summarized as follows: in the air, water, steam and other weak corrosive medium is stainless steel does not rust.
How to identify genuine and fake stainless steel it? Experts pointed out: stainless steel is a highly professional product, identified only by the eye is not easy. Expert advice: national institutions should be established stainless steel identification standards, mandatory for all stainless steel products into the circulation to provide product quality guarantee, and to specify in detail the criteria used, steel, and chemical composition, the only way to make consumers glance.
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